Friday, January 30, 2009

Studio Mischief....weekend 6" X 10" oil paintings focusing on color mixing, compliments and reflective light bounce

Sunday, January 25, 2009

WILDLIFE WAYSTATION - Sunday drawing field trip sketches from the Animal Drawing Class. We had great sunny weather and were surrounded by many big cats, bears, ligers, cougars, monkeys and assorted beasties. A selection of sketches about 6" X 10 " in size.

Ligress Arianna - Portrait in pencil

Rangoon - Wildlife Waystation

Rangoon the Sleek, Handsome Tiger

Conan the Lion's 550 pound new wife...charming

Pencil Drawing 7"x 10" - African Hyena

Big cute African Hyena

Idaho Lions Lounging in the Sun

Lioness mingling in packs - Wildlife Waystation

Rocky marching over for a chicken dinner

Rocky - Dominate Male Lion - Idaho Pride

Lioness climbing up onto platform & roaring

3 lioness form Idaho lions Pride

500 pound Lioness fast asleep

Tiger in agressive Stance then jumping across log