Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Month of Hiking and Sketching up in the San Gabriel Mtns. - Pencil Sketches and a Couple of Watercolors done the Winter of 2010

Twisted trunks of Oaks & Sycamores a deep ravine. Compositions work around value arrangements and fun wicked drawings of texturewatercolor done in cold weather of Thunder Mtn. & Cucamonga Peaks. late afternoon raking light. Took a little over an hourGiant tall cedar tree towering over San Antonio Canyon. Pencil on paper

Most of these approximate 5"X10" sketches were done off the beaten path of various mountain trails in the Mt. Baldy area in the month of Feburary 2010. A vast majority of them took from 30 minutes to a little over an hour to complete. Value,quickness, terrain, and texture were the most important points I consideredHigh Ice Bowl and 10,000ft ridge on Mt. Baldy. Pencil drawing 5" X 14"5" X 16" Graphite drawing of Mt Baldy ice bowl showing Big Granite boulders and landside broken pine trees