Saturday, November 6, 2010

Green Valley, Eastern Sierra Nevada Pastels. Great few days drawing above 10,000ft along the streams, aspens and granite mountains.

    Aspens and boulders climbing the steep ravine covered with fallen autumn leaves. Green Valley

Late afternoon light pouring down the canyon casting shadows and casting twisting shadows and warm bouncing light. Process photo of the drawing from the site below

Giant granitr boulder resting on the valley floor with high contrast light and warm and cool bounced colors.

Swirling Green River waters and aspen forests.

My in field set up with all my portable gear, easels boxes of selected pastels, fold up table and water (gets hot out there in the direct sun!)

Drawing in progress. Blocked out start of pastel on canson paper

Green Mountain Valley waetrcolor

Sierra Nevada Mountain Watercolors - Plein Air, backcountry

Mountain Stream in the Green Valley, Eastern Sierra

Virginia Lakes at 13,00ft In the north Esat Sierra nevada

Bodie, old 1880s mining ghosttown, Eastern Sierra

Anicent dead pine high above Twin Lakes, Bridgeport, California

Green Lake in May during an amazingly windy cold day to plein-air paint this watercolor

Old handbuilt saloons in Bodie

Old cedar tree trunk and mountain creek

May Lake with late spring iceflows and towering Sierra peaks above Bridgeport

Wonderfully colorful creek high in Green Canyon